Interoriental Group Philosophy is to support architects and engineers who involve in building development & achievement.

OMGE is one among the very few brands that has a long history and experience in the world of architectural hardware. Starting with the launch of some of its leading product items in 1946 OMGE now been transformed into a world-known brand that has the most complete good quality products.

We have done and still will do extensive and continual selection of architectural products in order to serve the growing demand of builders. In this effort, our guide and most main concern is to provide good quality products to meet the demanded requirements by architects and engineers. That is why we are always kept reminded by our motto “CONCERN ON QUALITY”. In terms of achieving that goal we are always being very choosy and careful in selecting materials, models, and mechanical systems to be used in our products. This is to ensure that all OMGE products will provide elegancy and a long service function, thus giving economical and prestige advantages to builders. We do feel delighted if this goal can be achieved.